1. JerryB


    Hi guys has anyone experience your 3dr solo move around a little bit when left hovering? Mine moves a little to much it doesn't stay hovering on place, I was wondering if there's a solution to It? Thanx guys!
  2. franknitty69

    Sale on Mercalli V4 SAL+

    I know alot of you guys have been interested in Prodrenalin or Mercalli for stabilizing your Solo footage and have just been waiting for a sale to pull the trigger. Well you're in luck...for the next 5 days prodrenalin is having a special on Mercalli V4 SAL+. If you purchase from...
  3. EyeWingsuit

    ProDad Mercalli V4

    For those of you wondering, I put a few drone bits in the review. It does a great job with reasonably smooth footage. I'm not one to run stabilization on everything as some do, but when you need it, you need it. Review: proDAD Mercalli V4 Stabilizr Plug-in - Streaming Media Producer curious...