solo controller

  1. june03dr

    Solo controller/GoPro bike mount

    Not a low profile setup since the controller is bulky but if you want something sturdy, clean, on a budget this is it. For $3.60 I came up with this. I’m pretty sure it’s been done already haha follow me mode should be cool.
  2. Dave Tolsky

    Solo Controler With Charger $50 PayPal transaction please

    I have a spare controller with charger. The controller battery still has lots of life left in it but new controller batteries can be had from B & H Photo dirt cheap.
  3. june03dr

    $499.99 solo controllers? Lol

    Someone on here tell me B&H is joking
  4. B

    Controller pairing problem

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm a computer science PhD student from Italy. I bought a Solo Drone when I was in US, some months ago. Now I'm in Italy and till this morning, my drone was fine. But since this afternoon, I'm having a big problem. I tried to turn on the drone and controller to run some...
  5. S

    iPad or Android tablet for Remote

    Hey all, as this is my first drone, I am wondering what is the best direction to go with for the control telemetry unit. I hate to fork out the cash for an iPad but I really just do not want to be jacking around with any compatibility issues. Whatever I end up getting is probably going to be...
  6. P

    New revolutionary way to install iPad Air to your controller

    Hi everyone, Just earlier today I have been looking in the forum if there is a holder for the iPad Air as I have one and wanted to use it. I found some really good ideas in the forum and thanks guys for posting. Sharing is the key to resolve our problems. So, as I'm an impatient person I...
  7. H

    Solo controller for sale

    I have a Solo controller for sale for $385. In full working, pristine condition. I bought it refurbished from 3DR one month ago for $465 (invoice as proof of purchase) –while awaiting a repair. Add shipping cost if necessary. I accept PayPal. Prefer to sell in person in the L.A. area.
  8. D

    tablet/phone attachment

    I just opened my new drone this evening and I feel kind of dumb posting this but...the tablet/phone attachment for the controller, how does it go together? I snapped the rotating ball part into it (that has a screw out the other end) and I see it goes in the top black bracket, but I don't see...