smart shots

  1. carpy

    Modified Pano Smart Shot - Sphere

    I modified the python code ( which controls the Pano Smart Shot Sphere for creating 360x180 degree panoramas. In a nutshell, I added more angles and more shots. This code change was inspired by @NickHobgood and his fantastic 360x180 panoramas. I'm too lazy to take the shots manually so I...
  2. Andy Tomczyk

    Autonomous vs Guided (Smart Shots)

    I have ran a number of autonomous missions with Tower and had the FS_THR_ENABLE parameter set to (2)-enable continue in auto. What is the effect of this parameter in regular Smart Shots (Guided)? My Smart Shots have always been close proximity that loss of controller signal should not be an...
  3. C

    Solo smart shots with latest update

    I updated solo recently to 2.4 (I think thats what it was) which I'm pretty sure has the new smart shots (zip line, panno, etc.)My question is, where are they? When I pull up smart shots on the app I only see the the original shots. Thought I saw something about having to make a change to the...
  4. R

    Selfie angle

    Is there any way to change the rise and run of the selfie to get different flight angles, either shallower or steeper? Using Android.
  5. franknitty69

    Experimental Smart Shot #1 Pano

    Experimental Smart Shot #1 Pano 3DR Dev, Jason Short created an experimental Smart Shot called Pano. I've had a chance to test it and its nothing short of amazing. And the way he implemented it allows anyone to create a smart shot and utilize the controller to invoke it. Balk Hill Pano by...
  6. M

    Orbit Smart Shot - Does it really function like this on IOS ?

    Can anyone verify if this is exactly how nice and easy Orbit works to set up on IOS. Even on my Android device with the maps cached it is very slow to perform and get any sort of resolution on a google earth shot. Because it's driving me crazy watching how easy the IOS app is in this video and...
  7. D

    Smart shots not recording

    I took the drone out for it's 2nd test drive. I wanted to focus on cable cam. The first flight, I thought it was me and during the smart shots I just didn't hit the record button. This time, I made sure I hit the record on the app. To my surprise, coming home, none of the smart shots recorded. I...