1. ukehop

    Stand alone controller for simulator, no solo quad - possible?

    I purchased a 3DR Solo remote control ahead of purchasing the Solo quadcopter so that I could begin practice w/ the Solo simulator before real solo flights. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a spare controller anyways. I don't have the Solo quadcopter yet. My problem is that the controller...
  2. Robert Rose

    Solo Simulator

    This wasn't well publicized, but 3DR has a new free Solo Simulator in the App store. It isn't well documented. In fact, it isn't documented at all. I did figure out that I had to turn on the controller, keep the Solo off, and connect my iPad to the controller WiFi. But, couldn't get the...
  3. AirCanada

    Solo Simulator Glitches and Treasures

    As any new beginer, you want to hone your flight skills here before you risk your 2k CAD Solo. After getting used to the controls and flight characteristics, you might wander around and inspect all the area of this 3d map. I have been buzzing around this simulator fir the past few days and...