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    gopro freezing... the solution for me

    I've traveled down most if not all of the fixes that don't involve replacing hardware. For me the successful repair was to replace the image sensor. The last no h/w attempt was cleaning the original image sensor connector and the camera connector with electronics cleaner. I didn't want to use...
  2. C

    Backpack BB bundle - had to return :(

    Welp. I was so excited to fly today. It's beautiful and sunny out here in NC. Opened my $299 bundle last night to charge the controller and battery. This morning woke up and went to set it up. Downloaded the update and everything was fine until I got to the "calibrating sensors" screen and it go...
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    Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO

    I updated firmware yesterday to the latest, 1.3 I believe, and flew last night perfectly on two different batteries. This morning I goto fly and I get an alert that reads, "Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO". Everytime I restart, the message comes back again after about 20 seconds. It...