1. S

    Remote access to Gopro

    Does the remote start and stop for recording thru the gopro only work when you have the 3 axis gimbal or can it work with just the stationary mount?
  2. O

    GoPro + Gimbal functions & features Help

    So I'm a beginner PIC to the 3DR Solo, and I have been reading a lot about the Solo + Gimbal having the ability to communicate with the GoPro when attached to the Gimbal, giving you the use of certain functions/features. A few being the ability to Start/Stop Recording, Shoot photos on command &...
  3. Joris

    Tablet shows scaled video image - only when recording

    Today I finally installed my gimbal. Had it from the day I got my Solo, but flew a few hours first before, just to get a bit confident. The issue with the scaled video feed was there before I installed the gimbal. But now I can start/stop recording from the app or controller, I see the video...