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    Transmission OK, but GoPro File Image NOK when in Solo

    Hi Guys. Need someone to help me with that. I did not find any information regarding same problem in this forum. Thanks for all support. GoPro Hero 3+ is filming OK when is not mounted on Solo Gimbal. Transmission is OK and very good when flying. Image generated from MP4 file is with 90%...
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    GoPro Hero 4 records on ground, not in flight

    Just got my Solo for Christmas, so I may be missing something obvious. But here’s my problem: With my GoPro Hero4 Black mounted in the 3-axis gimbal, and using my iPhone 6 with the Controller, I can record to both the iPhone and the GoPro while the Solo is on the ground; I can record with the...
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    Solo not recording to GoPro, but saving to my camera roll instead.

    Firstly, as a new Solo owner I want to say that this site has helped me tremendously with learning and I want to thank everyone for all of the help. This is my first real issue I've come along with my Solo. I'm running the Hero4 Black with the gimble and generally shoot 2.7k 60fps without...