1. B

    Solo Original Propellers CW & CCW 4 Sale

    Solo Original Propellers CW & CCW 4 Sale $16/Pr. + Shpg + Handling
  2. Martin Vendrame

    Solo Aftermarket Props!

    Hi y'all! FYI, I just tried the aftermarket Solo props from Master Airscrew! If you're looking for better props, I highly recommend those ones! They'll turn your solo into a race drone. I used acro mode with stock props and I found that doing flips and loops was challenging (needed lots of...
  3. Travelfox

    Orange is the New Black - Props

    I don't work for Master Airscrew but I thought those who like their quality and performance and those who may not know they exist might find this pretty cool. They developed Orange propellers for the 3DR Solo. I have the black version of these props, like the shiny, durable quality and...
  4. E

    Prop Adapters for Stock Solo

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum but have been lurking around for awhile... Anyway I thought it would be nice to have prop adapters for the solo so we can use any prop we would like, not just the master airscrew and stock 3dr props. I have created a CAD drawing and am wondering if others...
  5. Bear

    solo props, which is best?

    Hello everyone. I'm new here but have been watching for a while. I need to get some new props, I just bought some APC props but have yet to fly them because of weather. I just went to buy some more stock props but I'm having a hard time finding them. In my search here it seems to be much...
  6. B

    Right Battery for my Drone?

    Hi i want to build a drone but i don't know wich propellers and battery to use, these are the parts that i want to use: Motor and ESC combo: Quad Frame...
  7. E

    3DR Solo Bundle + Gimbal + Backpack + Extra Battery + Extra Propellers Warranty $499

    I have several of these. Got them directly from 3D Robotics. I have them listed on ebay. I'm in the Dallas area if you wish to pick up. PM me for phone number if you wish to talk. $499 + $30 shipping if you buy here or $569 on ebay to cover the fees. Selling pretty cheap but am open to a...