polar pro

  1. IrishmanPDX

    Random thoughts and questions!

    So what is the resale market like for Pixhawks? I mean with everyone going to green cubes (ok, maybe there's still at least 2 people out there who haven't converted yet) there's got to be a surplus of stock cubes for the solo. So is anyone buying? I have some spares which I have no use for, 2...
  2. Travelfox

    A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova Scotia

    Hello, I thought I'd share some videos with you guys here in our forums starting with this one. It's not current (not shot/produced in the last 2 months at least) but I hope you enjoy the short vid nevertheless. Published on Jan 2, 2017. A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova...
  3. H

    Backpack work with Leg Extensions?

    I'm really wanting to get the backpack since it's only $35, but I wanted feedback on whether Solo will fit with Polar Pro leg extensions and the gimbal installed. I appreciate all answers
  4. Robert Rose

    Twilight Anti-Collision Lighting

    Recently promulgated Part 107 (14 CFR § 107.1 et. seq.) (which you must follow during commercial operation) provides in Section 107.29(b): (b) No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft system during periods of civil twilight unless the small unmanned aircraft has lighted anti-collision...
  5. Nimbus Ninja

    Polarized Lens Alignment

    Low light shot polarized lens in alignment by Nimbus Ninja posted Jun 12, 2016 at 10:12 AM Low light shot, polarized lens out of alignment by Nimbus Ninja posted Jun 12, 2016 at 10:11 AM So today I was playing with my polar pro polarized lens and wanted to share my results. I took some shots...
  6. Nimbus Ninja

    Real Estate shot with Protune

    Real Estate shot by Nimbus Ninja posted May 29, 2016 at 12:37 PM This is my first time sharing media so I hope the photo shows. A realtor friend asked me to take some shots of this house and I took a lot, but I'm only posting this one for now. This is the before, I will post the after...