pixhawk 2.1

  1. E

    Open Solo 4 with Orange cube

    I recently updated my firmware to Open Solo 4 and noticed the option to install the update for the orange cube. Is anyone using an Orange cube in their solo and can confirm that it works as intended?
  2. B

    Wanted: Stock Solo Cube or Green Cube

    Hey Boys, Anyone wanting to get rid of a working stock cube or green cube, respond with a price or PM me. Canadian sellers preferred... Thanks...
  3. dmulk

    WANTED: Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube

    Looking to get one of these. If you have one you are looking to get rid of PM me. Cheers, Dan
  4. J

    Introduction to PixHawk 2.1: Introduction

    Lots of similar functions to our solo. Great overview of what it can do.
  5. Pedals2Paddles

    ArduCopter 3.5 & Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube Upgrade: Solo Remastered

    You can take down your RIP signs and gravestones. The solo is no longer stale and dead. The Solo is up and running on ArduCopter 3.5.0+ with a Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube. The community effort to keep the Solo alive has succeeded. Photos by Andrew Emmett, Matt Lawrence, & Stephan Schindewolf...
  6. IrishmanPDX

    General Questions About Solo/Upgrades/ etc.

    Hi Folks, as you may know I did a post about the Solo Ebay Bargains and was very happy with the responses on there and hearing what people had to say. Reading the forums here, I'm happy there's newbies like myself learning from you guys and I'm also blown away by some of the real technical...