pixhawk 2

  1. B

    Wanted: Stock Solo Cube or Green Cube

    Hey Boys, Anyone wanting to get rid of a working stock cube or green cube, respond with a price or PM me. Canadian sellers preferred... Thanks...
  2. K

    Pixhawk 2.0 for motor vibration analysis - need a carrier board

    Working on using a spare Pixhawk 2.0 cube for motor vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. 1. Stand-alone test bed for single motors, first for Solo motors with board, later for motors alone 2. Audio measurements (FFT of recordings, dB loudness) 3. Mission Planner software connected by USB...
  3. Justfredioregon

    PixHawk 2.0 SD Card

    I'm wondering if the micro usb on the stock Pixhawk 2.0 cube is there to access data on the SD card? Or if it's just there to get readings from the hardware inside the cube? Can the SD card be removed from the Pixhawk?
  4. C

    Updated IRIS+

    How to spend your time during hurricane Irma? Update the IRIS+ of course. A list of the changes and enhancements; (1) replace original Pixhawk with Pixhawk 2 (2) replace original GPS with Here GNSS (3) move the FrSky receiver to top shelf and add antenna "spreader" (4) replace 3DR telemetry...
  5. C

    M8N GPS vs Pixhawk 2.0 Cube

    Set up a Cable Cam down the center of a descending road and my Solo promptly ran into a tree branch 5' from the set point. (Propeller guards were ineffective against the branches.) Are there ways to increase the accuracy? Would the mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N/ 3DR SOLO Upgrade (mRo GPS u-Blox...
  6. A

    Pixhawk 2 Input/Output Commands

    Hi there, I am trying to better understand the 3DR Solo's interfaces and had a few questions... 1) What rate are PWM commands transmitted to the ESCs from the Pixhawk 2 Flight Control Processor? Is this command just the Vsupply (14.8V) or 0V? 2) Are the ESCs responsible for taking the PWM...
  7. Andrew Schmidt

    Building a DJI Inspire 2 with Solo Internals - Dev Help Requested! [INSPI-3DR]

    Forgive me if I'm in the wrong place, but I figured I would start here. I have purchased a crashed 3dr solo from ebay, in hopes of building a replica (with minor upgrades) of a DJI inspire 2. To do this, I know I will need to do the following. -replace stock esc's with larger (30a) simonK bec...
  8. Ian [P13]

    The Pixhawk 2 is coming soon as a standalone flight controller

    The Pixhawk 2 is coming as a standalone flight controller. There's an official Facebook page for it here: Log into Facebook | Facebook And on DIY Drones here... Pixhawk 2 User Group The Pixhawk 2 isn't coming from 3DR as it appears they're moving away from DIY and open source after Solo to...