1. jimloss

    CyberLink Photo and Video Editing Software

    Any opinions on CyberLink's PowerDirector and PhotoDirector applications? They have a bundle deal that ends up being only $90 with coupon code: CyberLink Coupon Code: WEB10P
  2. S

    Lake Erie @ Sunset

    Here is video of Lake Erie "shores" @ sunset shot a few weeks ago on my Solo/ GPH4 Black. (Port Clinton, OH) Produced with Power Director 14. No color or smoothing adjustments made. Made some video speed adjustments for effect. Shot in 4K/30fps with Polar 'polarized' filter, produced in...
  3. G

    GoPro Time Lapse Photo Mode...

    When in time lapse photo mode I can't get the red button in the Solo App to actually do anything. If I set it to regular photo mode it works, but it goes black while taking the photos. Is the expected behavior, or is it just mine? If this normal, how are people handling taking still photos if...
  4. egodinho


    Guys, this is my first videos with my Solo. I bought in USA and fly to Tahiti, it's mean, I have a lot to learn yet and if you can give me some feedback about, will be great! Ps. I'm not using the Gimbal in the videos!