peau productions

  1. Wooskie

    Peau 3.37

    Here are a bunch of beach shots using the Peau 3.37 lens.
  2. E

    Fisheye Removal Streching vid

    I am using a GoPro Hero4 to record video with the factory lens. After using Prodad ProDenalin or GoPro software, objects in the side of the video stretch. Look the cars entering and leaving the video. Any suggestions?
  3. M

    PeauPro60 not taking all the photos

    Hello everybody! I am quite new to this forum so excuse me if I am replicating another thread. I am using my Solo, along with its gimbal and a PeauPro60 to take photos each 0,5 seconds (or less, I use the distance trigger command from MP). The camera is configured in single photo mode, and...
  4. franknitty69

    Solo in New Zealand

    Shot on Solo in New Zealand. Video uses a combination of GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Black with Peau 3.97 lens modification. For more info please visit Solo Smart Drone | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology I'm not sure who was the pilot on these shots.
  5. SurfnSkate81

    Peau Productions vs Back-Bone Ribcage

    I thinking about getting rid of the dreaded fisheye and sick of getting the left leg in my shots even when flying slow. I want to keep shooting with wide and use the full width of the cameras sensor and can't find a solution in post (DaVinci Resolve Lite) that does not crop my image and resize...