1. S

    Can solo orbit a moving object?

    Hey I'm not a newbie to drones but i am a newbie to 3dr solo and I was wondering if solo could orbit a moving object/controller ( because it would be really useful when I'm sailing) If not then will it be part of the new "boat mode" update?
  2. 5

    Altitude loss in circular orbit?

    anyone else experience altitude loss when flying a large orbit? Orbits are in the range of 50m or 100m radius. I have flown a few Tower orbits and have seen the Solo lose altitude in a few of them. Note that Tower does properly show the altitude as it is descending, so it is not the case that...
  3. D

    Orbit Shot Orientation

    Hey there, Soloers/ites/rians(?)! I'm wondering if this is possible with the Orbit feature but I haven't been able to get this to work the way I'm attempting. Is there any way to rotate the Solo so that it's facing **away** from the orbit center point. I have a client with a very large piece of...
  4. E

    Orbit Gimbal Limp Glitch

    When using selecting orbit and GP4 camera is pointed straight down then the gimbal will go limp, but if camera GP4 lens is facing forward then select Orbit then the gimbal does not go limp. Has anybody else experienced this glitch?
  5. T

    Is it possible to orbit without continuous line-of-sight?

    I want to shoot an orbit around a hilltop home. I tried it with enough altitude so I could see the Solo throughout the shot but the flat roof, with patches, etc. is unattractive. So, I figure that since the home is on the top of a hill I can orbit around the home -- parallel to the home -- and...
  6. Morongobill

    Newbie looking for dead simple "for idiots" page for Solo Orbit, Selfie

    I live in Orange County, California; land of the many cities with their rules and regs, and where people have been arrested for flying their drones. So I just feel more comfortable heading out a hundred miles to the desert to fly this bird on the public lands. For whatever reason, I am running...
  7. deathsandwich

    Case "Mountain" In Connecticut

    I did a hike to the top of Case Mountain in Connecticut yesterday afternoon. It is not so much a mountain as it is a hill or steep stroll through the woods at 700+ feet above sea level. There are nice views of Hartford Connecticut, which, due to visibility, was a little hazy in the distance. I...
  8. Robert Rose

    Real Estate Video

    GoPro Hero4Black, 2.7k @ 60fps, medium FOV Smart Shot orbit, cable cam.
  9. H

    3dr Solo Footage from Bigbear

    Hey Guys, I took the Solo to Big Bear this past weekend and decided to make some short clips for IG (@dronehighlife). Still learning and getting better at flying and editing. Uploaded the videos to Youtube. Recorded on Gopro 4 - Black Recorded: 1080p 120 Frames Exported to 1080p at 60...
  10. T

    What does "IOS controls the map data cache procedurally" mean?

    I have yet to see a map displayed when flying my Solo using an iPhone 6s Plus. It's never been an issue until I tried the Orbit feature, where it would be helpful. The latest Solo manual unhelpfully says: "Note: iOS controls the map data cache procedurally; 3DR cannot guarantee its...
  11. M

    Orbit Smart Shot - Does it really function like this on IOS ?

    Can anyone verify if this is exactly how nice and easy Orbit works to set up on IOS. Even on my Android device with the maps cached it is very slow to perform and get any sort of resolution on a google earth shot. Because it's driving me crazy watching how easy the IOS app is in this video and...
  12. D

    A lot of questions need help please

    Hi, I've had my 3dr solo for about 3weeks now . and need help with some things. 1. I tried the orbit feature and set the points and hit go and it just went straight across and down in altitude and eventually ended up crashing into the ground . if anybody knows what I'm doing wrong ? 2. I'm after...
  13. C

    How to update your maps for Orbit

    Anyone know the best way to get current Satellite maps?
  14. RVgeeks

    Beautiful Gimbal Video - Orbit & Follow Me w/Orbit

    Got my gimbal over the weekend. Flew three flawless batteries today. The difference is AMAZING and the gimbal is everything I had hoped for. The first couple of minutes of this video are from my final "non-gimbal" flight last week, followed by the remarkable transformation to stabilized footage...