not working

  1. M

    Gopro hero 3+ silver + gimbal not working

    My gopro always *beep*beep and turning off and on. Any solution? I try to downgrade but its not give hdmi signal with the gimbat but withot its give.
  2. M

    Solo with ACME VR06 not working

    Hey guys, i just bought the Acme vr06 4k action cam yesterday for my solo (there is a micro hdmi on the camera) but its not working. I plugged into the solo hdmi and i see nothing on my phone. What is the problem?
  3. Earpo44

    Gimbal Sweep Presets not working

    The 1 and 2 Gimbal Presets are non responsive on my controller. I've just finished a hard reset (Restore) on both the drone and controller, as well as a Stick Calibration. I've seen some people have to double click them to be responsive. None of these solutions have helped. The sweep time...
  4. webchimp

    Been using a GoPro Hero 3 it's dead

    Hi all - I've been poking around and looking for any others that might have had the same issue as me, but hadn't come across anything so far. I haven't spent hours pouring over threads, so forgive me if this is a known issue. I've had my Solo since the BF sale at BestBuy and I've flown it...
  5. M

    Problems with gimbal.

    Hi, I am quite new here, so please, don't judge me. Ok, my problems with a drone. Everything work perfect, exept: 1: I installed gimbal, when I tried to shake drone in hand it was working fine. But when I made first flight, gimbal stopped working. Camera falls on one side and doesn't want to...