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  1. jbrosolo

    Video feed black/not appearing on phone

    I've been using my 3DR solo for the better part of a year without any issue. After a recent crash where some props broke, but no visible damage otherwise, I can't seem to get my video feed to appear on my phone. It will sometimes flash green for half a second, then goes to black. I've tried...
  2. M

    No video feed from solo, tips?

    I have a hero 4 silver which was updated yesterday and a solo and controller with 2.4.0 but still no video feed at all sometimes I will have it for a minute or two then I will lose it. Please help thanks
  3. J

    Breathing Green

    In the manual it says "Breathing green: the gimbal is functioning properly and ready for use." What does breathing green mean I have a slow fashing green light on the gimbal. I am not getting a video feed to my Iphone and trying to figure out if it is the cable, the gopro, or the gimbal.
  4. S

    Another video issue

    Hey All, Yes, I'm another person with a frustrating video problem. Ok, here's my setup: 1. Solo with gimbal 2. GoPro Hero 4 Silver Latest firmware loaded on everything. Video used to work fine from my Solo to my iPad Mini. Just stopped working after I did the most recent Solo firmware...
  5. D

    Go Pro 3 Black Original

    I am trying to run a regular gopro 3 black with my solo through the gimbal and can't get a video feed. I have checked the forums and don't see much info on people trying to fly the original 3. 3dr says it is compatible, has anyone tried the gimbal with gopro 3 black? I've updated the solo and...