1. Ed Beck

    Taking photos with gimbal angle flapper

    A 3DR video mentioned as a side note that you could take a photo by pressing in the gimbal flapper. The other day I was in MPCC mode, flying using the right stick, and tried to take some photos. I pressed in on the flapper, the video briefly turned off and back on, and I thought I had taken a...
  2. Ed Beck

    Multi Pont Cable Cam, the B Button and Video Mode

    I've seen the same thing where pushing the B-Button did nothing. I was out today and I may have found a correlation between video mode and the B-Button. 1. Flew Solo in multi-shot mode. Tried to make a MPCC - B-Button would not register. 2. Land, reboot whole system and repeat step 1, same...
  3. SteveReno

    Found this on IG, MPCC

  4. SurfnSkate81

    iOS Update with Multi Point Cable Cam, Save & Load Cables, Time Lapse & Free Look

    So the day has finally arrived! Who has tested and what is your initial impression?