1. Redcon1

    So, about that accessory connector that used to be there....

    Intending to hook up some extra LED lights, I removed Solo's motherboard last night. As usual required a black belt in jujitsu and lots of profanity, and when I got it out, I noticed that during the scuffle I'd broken the ribbon cable that connects the motherboard to the accessory port, so i wen...
  2. Brebs

    Solo fuslage and motherboard

    So I have my solo completely in parts with the full understanding that my warranty is gone, but all good, for me this is more of a research venture if anything. There does seem to be some changes that were made on the product as they were building it. For instance the mainboard serves not only...
  3. Ultra

    Need a Help

    Dear All, I need a help, my Solo drone is Damage, the motherboard has burned. Where I can replace and how much its cost ? Thx