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    Solo drone led lights flicker and weird flight today

    Hello everyone, when I bought my second solo drone I noticed that one of the front led light modules was a tad different color. Normally white solid but this one was like a hint of purple or orange. I took the protective plastic off that arm and tightened the screws holding the motor in place...
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    7 minutes of green recorded...Hero3 blk file corrupted when Solo powered off before recording stop

    so I screwed up the other day, this footage would have been really cool and it's killing me to not be able to add it to my film. Basically I got home and went to review footage and all I see is bright green screen, and a 28mb file...but it is 7 minutes long, which was the length of the flight...
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    Crashing to the Ground again and again

    I've had this happen 3 times now and I'm paranoid to use my Iris+ now and considering selling it for a different drone. The first dive was only the 2nd flight. It was clear skies and no interference. The drone was about 150 feet in the air 20 feet in front of me and it lost signal flipped...