led lights

  1. Maddog

    Brite Lite LED lighting system

    BRITE LITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE I started this thread to consolidate information primarily from Flashing Lights? which contains the background of this project. Basically, I was looking for some LED lights I could put on Solo so I could see it more easily and determine its orientation. Not...
  2. 3

    Can someone help me? Stuck motor pod caused crash

    Hello, I flew my drone today for about 15 minutes before packing it back up and then 3 hours later I go out again and this time gps lock right away. Everything is good to go pre trip inspection complete. I take off and then I notice one of my back led lights were solid green and the other one...
  3. 3

    Solo drone led lights flicker and weird flight today

    Hello everyone, when I bought my second solo drone I noticed that one of the front led light modules was a tad different color. Normally white solid but this one was like a hint of purple or orange. I took the protective plastic off that arm and tightened the screws holding the motor in place...