1. Kurtoonist

    Greetings & Salutations

    I'm in Virginia Beach, VA with a 3DR Solo, two Hero 3+ Blacks, and a Hero 4 Silver. Having a blast zooming around the most eye-catching spots in Hampton Roads, often with my wife and 4 daughters along for the adventure. As for future drone action, I'm not sure if I'll get a Karma (though I'll...
  2. eclipseforever


    Hey guys, im a new drone pilot. Im also a Best Buy Elite member as well. Ive had my eye on 3DR Solo for a year and one day it was $399. I purchased it and I love it. I get 30 day return and i have 3 days left to return. Im thinking of upgrading it to Karma for portability. I have a motorcycle...
  3. Perry Lawrence

    Karma = Byrd?

    The Byrd drone by ProDrone (now GDU) was a huge splash and then evaporated. Do a google search on ProDrone Byrd. Had a lot of promise. 普宙无人机官网 | GDU – 开启无人机2.0时代 Does anyone know where or what happened to them? Anyone other than Audorama carrying them? My conspiracy theory is that GoPro...