iphone 6s plus

  1. J

    "Looking for Vehicle" Warning

    I'm running iOS 11.1 on my iPhone and today when trying to fly my drone I kept getting the "Looking for Vehicle" notation in the app. I connected to my Solo Link and it worked very briefly for a moment but otherwise I could not get it to connect. My App software is up to date but I couldn't...
  2. Daniel Lang

    My iPhone 6 Plus will not detect the solo controller

    I'm firing up my Solo and controller for the very first time. I have the latest version of software installed. But when I turn on the controller, Solo is not detected in my phone's Bluetooth settings. It simply will not detect the controller. What am I doing wrong?
  3. T

    iPhone 6s Plus unable to fetch map data ?!?

    After opening the new 2.0.0 Solo app on my iPhone 6s Plus a message appears saying that an airport is nearby, which is correct. I tap on the "i" in the message and a "Planning" window appears, briefly loading map data. I change the Filter to "satellite" and a satellite map appears. If I drag the...