1. M

    ATT 3DR - Please revisit Gimbal and Flight Controls

    Several improvements needed: Start/Stop Record on the left Gimbal Tilt control is quite PROBLEMATIC. Please create a dedicated button, or the option to disable that functionality because I have hit it several times without being aware of it and end up never recording anything, double tapping...
  2. T

    Updated Solo Review - Is it Fixed?

    Most of the Solo reviews out there are all from the launch or focus on the Gimbal (or lack of) so I reviewed the Solo from the perspective of now being out for a while and had a few fixes and patches. See below for what I found and whether you should press go if you have been sitting on the fence.
  3. Ian [P13]

    Better WiFi connection in the next release - Important Update

    The next firmware will improve your WiFi in many circumstances, the changes from hostapd are in there along with other changes made to improve the link connection. This means the hostapd mod is no longer necessary, if you read the first post on the that, I've included a command I'm told will...