1. M

    gopro freezing... the solution for me

    I've traveled down most if not all of the fixes that don't involve replacing hardware. For me the successful repair was to replace the image sensor. The last no h/w attempt was cleaning the original image sensor connector and the camera connector with electronics cleaner. I didn't want to use...
  2. M

    Go Pro 4 Silver Or Black With Specific Case Use

    I'm going back and forth between the silver or black go pro 4. I will be using the Go Pro for both drone and handheld shooting. Of course the black has better frame rates but the silver has the screen which will be helpful shooting handheld shots with with. My main question is that if I'm...
  3. baldguy

    Certified FAA Remote Pilot Seal

    I have not noticed an official Certified FAA Remote Pilot Seal we can post on a web site or plaster on a business card so I've put one together. If you can use it, consider it a courtesy of XoomLenz LLC. Kind Regards, baldguy