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  1. C

    Solex app causing 3DR Solo to crash

    Hi everyone Im new to this 3DRPilots and I really need help. Today we completed a Here gps upgrade and green cube upgrade to 3 different Solos. After installing all of the firmware and making sure everything was up to date, we took the birds out for a test. We only flew 2 of the 3 because the...
  2. Derriell

    Searching HERE GPS for Solo

    Both new and old versions are welcome. Thank you
  3. IrishmanPDX


    Does anyone know the status of the HERE GPS system being sold by Jesters Drones (I don't use bookface). Last time I checked on the website he was saying there was a delay due to needing new drivers (chip revision issue). Anyone perchance know a timeline on this?
  4. Pedals2Paddles

    HERE GPS/Compass parameter packages now in Solex

    If you're doing the HERE GPS/Compass, you can now use Solex to easily set the parameters required for it to work properly. Up until about 20 minutes ago, you would need to dig through the list of 800 parameters in Mission Planner or Tower to find and set the required parameters. This evening I...
  5. admaltais

    Solo compass displacement

    Hello community, Does some one tried to move the compass inside the solo or in another location. The magnetic interference is a real pain when I put my camera (sony a5100 w/imp concept) or other accessories under the solo. Waiting for 3d gps lock before installing the camera help 30% of the...
  6. SteveReno

    Part 1 & 2 on installing the Here GPS with Compass

    Part 1 Part 2 You need to Calibrate Compass each time you disconnect it from Solo. Items used: ProFIcnc Here GPS: Mast: Imp Concepts Cables: [email protected] Credits: "2010" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios