1. F

    Major video distortion

    Hi, I've read on several threads that action cams with HDMI out work with the Solo, and since a GoPro is a bit spendy, I hoped to use one of these less expensive devices. I hooked the device up to my new Solo, powered up in the recommended order, and was presented with video like the screenshot...
  2. M

    Solo with ACME VR06 not working

    Hey guys, i just bought the Acme vr06 4k action cam yesterday for my solo (there is a micro hdmi on the camera) but its not working. I plugged into the solo hdmi and i see nothing on my phone. What is the problem?
  3. R

    Unable to get HDMI feed from Controller to Goggles

    I am trying to route the video feed from the Solo Controller, through the micro HDMI port to the input port on a pair of Tovsto Vivid FPV googles. I can't get anything on the goggles. I have tried two different solo controllers, and two different cables, but, still nothing. Does something need...
  4. S

    HDMI camera input resolution? ? ?

    I tried searching with no luck. Can anyone confirm the camera input resolution that the Solo will recognize and transmit? I Have a old Nokia 808 Purview cellphone with a 41mp camera that I want to use for still shots (using automatically picture taking every 5 seconds) but it would be nice to...
  5. V

    Video feed not working & GP4 freezing intermittently

    I just received a refurbished unit and I'm beginning to regret sending in my original. The refurb has a problem that wasn't there before. I'll take off and have video, get in the air and cannot start recording. If I hit the record button it quickly flashes the screen and then goes back to the...
  6. M

    Solo drone maintenance

    Hello everyone! :) I am sorta new to flying drones but have flown in the past with cheaper throwaway drones to learn on. I quickly became hooked and recently found the 3DR drone at Bestbuy significantly marked down. I have a few questions regarding the 3dro solo drone. 1.What should the...
  7. DattaGroover

    Frustrated, needing some help.

    I am having persistent video issues with my Solo. It occasionally works perfectly, but mostly the video feed is unusable. It works fine when the Solo is within 100 feet, but when it gets farther way, the video garbles. Facts: I have replaced the factory hdmi cable with a flat cable. I use...
  8. S

    unable to get video from Tx hdmi port

    I have latest software and firmware and now I can't get video from TX HDMI pro. I either get the word 'booting.....' or I just get the 3DR logo on my external monitor? This used to work just fine with previous firmware and app. Ay ideas why with the latest firmware this happens. Video is fine on...
  9. Steve S.

    Unable to get video feed from controller to BM Video Assist via HDMI

    I am unable to get a video signal out of the controllers HDMI port into my Blackmagic Video Assist. I did test the cable by plugging it into my LCD TV and it works fine. Just can't get a picture on the Video Assist when I plug it in. Anybody else try this with any luck?
  10. B

    Recommended hard wired monitors?

    Hi all, As a new 3dr Solo owner I am already keen to make a few upgrades to get the absolute most from it. I have got the FPVLR antenna kit on order and now also want to get a 7" monitor setup to improve the viewing experience. Thinking of going for hard wiring an HDMI 7" monitor to the handset...
  11. D

    Gimbal control without hdmi cord.?

    Is it possible to control gimbal without hdmi cord ( solo to gimbal) as I am waiting on a replacement for mine? Also there seems to be an empty female connection near the hdmi connection in the solo..? What is it? Any help would love u long time
  12. jeeboont

    Reduce Gimbal Vibrations by using our Solo HDMI Ribbon Cables

    New batch of Solo HDMI Replacement Ribbon Cable just arrived this week and is now available for order. Also, just for this week, we're offering a 15% discount for all purchases more than $40. All you need to do is to apply this discount code when you place your order at Solo Ultra Thin Micro...
  13. jeeboont

    [UPDATE] Solo Ultra Thin Micro HDMI Flat Ribbon Cable (Version 3) now available.

    We have started shipping out our latest iteration of our popular Micro HDMI replacement cables. Our latest V3 cable incorporates the following new features: 1. *STRAIGHT* Micro HDMI connectors - Unlike our earlier right-angled Micro HDMI connectors, these straight connectors has a smaller...
  14. jeeboont

    Solo Ultra Thin Micro HDMI Flat Ribbon Cable (replacement for Solo's HDMI cable)

    Available at: Relish3D.com It is common knowledge that one of the main reasons why videos captured using Solo's gimbal has significant vibrations. While others have tried 'rerouting' the stiff HDMI cable, to 'shaving-off' the casing to 'loosen' the cable, it remains a challenge to get...
  15. z-axis

    Solo HDMI out to Dominator V3

    It has been rumored/reported that the Dom V3s, while matching the HDMI output of the Solo Controller HDMI (1280x720, aka 720p), do not work. Surely somebody has the V3s and a Solo. If you do, can you please report on a real-world case of this scenario?
  16. mike

    Perfect Video UNTIL Takeoff then rolling and scrambled.

    I have an odd problem and haven't had any luck finding anything about it online. Everything connects and starts up normally. I see the video feed in the app and I can press record on on the controller and stop the recording and the video is still perfect. As soon as I takeoff, the video...
  17. Ian [P13]

    HDMI outer shielding mod

    This mod isn't my idea, Fred Vandeman on the Solo Facebook User Group came up with this, I was sceptical about this working, but it does. 3DR can't condone this mod, but at the same time, they've not said don't do it, with some mods they do, so that's what made me think it was worth a try. In...
  18. daxmak

    Gimbal charging GoPro Pros and Cons

    So one of the things I liked about the Solo was the fly time usually around 25 minutes per battery before Gimbal. Now that I have the Gimbal I'm down to less than 15 minutes and that seems to be because it charges the GoPro at the same time. Soooo Pro's: Don't have to worry about charing my...