gps acquire issues

  1. Alain Brunelle

    Looking for an expert on interfacing Ublox N8M to Arduino for a space related project.

    Hi folks, first let me introduce our project, we are a group of amateur presently building a nanosatellite and we are acteally testing many onboard electronics and avionics with stratospheric ballon launches in the range of 25 to 35 Km of altitude. Our project has been qualified to participate...
  2. C

    anyway to boost GPS?

    possibly stupid idea... If I used a GLONASS/GPS booster for the iPad connected to solo, would it help the SOLO GPS in anyway or does that work standalone? Garmin GLO GPS for iOS & Android
  3. Cynthia Farr


    My solo lost GPS signal when I pressed the RTH button and it was in my line of sight thank god I wasn't over water it went haywire flipped and crashed what is the best satellite or GPS to get in flight
  4. Q

    Open inquiry for this novice pilot please!!

    Hey guys, I've had my solo for about 6 months now and have been super nervous flying in some situations that may be totally unreasonable... Now this hesitation stems from low flight time and two crashes (low level impacts). I am hoping to get some good feedback from some of you who may have...
  5. T


    Hello all. I had been watching the solo from the start, every step of the way, and had been very dissapointed in what I read and watched... The first issue I saw was that the gimbal was taking FOREVER to come, and when it didn't really work well, I have given up. Then I found out it was the...