gimbal noise

  1. M

    Solo Gimbal Spinning out of Control

    Hello, Just bought my solo a few days ago and have been flying it every chance I've had. Today on my 6th or 7th flight I came down to the ground too fast and the drone bounced off the ground fairly hard. It continued to fly fine but the gimbal was stuck pointing the camera up and to the...
  2. Trader J

    Solo from Best Buy issues with the free gimbal?

    I just got a new Solo the other day and after installing the gimbal as to 3DR's exact specifications and doing the firmware update it first was making all kinda of noise. After checking the cables to make sure they were ok I tried restarting everything. The noise kept on and it developed a snake...
  3. B

    Gimbal noise when solo powered on

    Hi guys, Does the gopro have to be in the gimbal before solo is powered on? I have just installed the gimbal, powered solo on and get a buzzing noise from the gimbal. I quickly turned solo off. I then put the gopro in and powered up - no buzzing noise, however I am a bit concerned. If the gopro...