gimbal error

  1. S

    Gimbal blinking green but freaking out/unresponsive

    Really hoping someone can help me out here... Just got the stock gimbal in the mail for my refurb Solo, trying to fly with a gopro4 black I took extra precaution packing the wires, level and compass calibrated, and all systems are up to date (5.0 on gopro) when I turn on the drone the gimbal...
  2. B

    Black screen with gimbal / video feed when directly connected

    Let me clarify. I don't have a direct video feed while using the gimbal. I've taken it apart and made sure it was snug, tried different boot up combinations, changed the firmware on the GoPro the whole nine yards... when I took the gimbal off and plugged it in directly to the GoPro... BAM I SAW...
  3. bajba

    Gimbal connection problem - factory error

    Hi all, I am a new user of 3DR Solo drone and I would like to share my recent investigation. My problem was that controller could not recognize gimbal and tilt didn't work at all. I have checked gimbal with other Solo drone and evrything was OK. I knew that something wrong is between the gimbal...