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  1. june03dr

    Help with solex

    What’s up guys wanted some help on something. So the problem I’m having is with the follow me modes in the solex app. Every time I select any follow me mode it will not follow me instead it will just hover. So this is the setup. I’m using my iPhone 8 Plus for a hotspot and an LG stylo 3 Plus...
  2. Redcon1

    Optical Follow on Solex.

    Does Solex care what tablet and/or android version is running it? I'm running Android 4.4 on a Galaxy Tab 4 (nook) and have been having issues with all of the follow me/you/us/that options on the app. But the only one I really care about is the optical. I have tried it out a couple of times but...
  3. Y

    Follow me on an 5 inch android device limited to look at me

    Hi, After couple of trials with my 3DR, I still did not manage to have the follow me mode on my android device correctly. I managed to have the look at me feature to work, meaning the GPS is working on my device, and it seems like the button or control over this feature is not working...
  4. Perry Lawrence

    Follow Me question

    After watching a few good Follow Me shots it occurrs to me that there are 2 devices running the app. One with the operator/pilot and one with the "followee". Is this correct? Are two app devices connecting? CAN 2 app devices connect? This video seems to suggest that you can as the guy at time...
  5. E


    I want to use a drone and gopro to record horse race. I want drone to follow a horse. So there needs to be something on the horse ??? A cell phone ? or ???? The while drone follows I want to record and control camera remotely from moving car. What is best set up / equipment for this ? What...
  6. T

    Adjusting Height in Follow-Me Mode

    Hey everybody - I played around with the follow-me mode significantly for the first time this past week in Austin, and it was definitely a learning experience. I figure before I go rambling on my experience - here is my burning question of the night: In follow-me mode, does the Solo stop...
  7. S

    Where and how to keep the controller in Follow Me mode - Snowboarding

    Hi folks so the winter season is almost there. I really want to shoot some great footage of myself snowboarding in a few weeks. Follow me sounds like a good idea, yet my question is what to do with the controller once everything is set up. From the Flight Academy footage from 3DR (), it is not...
  8. P

    Guided Scan - Follow me

    Has anyone used the "Guided Scan" follow me option in Tower or know what its function is? I have tried it and it seem to just hover right above me, much like the "Above" follow me option. I can't seem to find anything on this.
  9. S

    Follow Me

    I've not used the follow me feature yet but I am wanting to take the solo on a kayaking mission. Can I set this up, have it follow me while putting the control in a drybag in my kayak, jump out within say 10-15 minutes, at a good spot to land, grab the controller, and land it by hitting Fly? If...
  10. RVgeeks

    Beautiful Gimbal Video - Orbit & Follow Me w/Orbit

    Got my gimbal over the weekend. Flew three flawless batteries today. The difference is AMAZING and the gimbal is everything I had hoped for. The first couple of minutes of this video are from my final "non-gimbal" flight last week, followed by the remarkable transformation to stabilized footage...
  11. T

    Follow-Me Problems

    When I've been using follow me mode my solo turns in the complete opposite way of me. It will follow me but for some reason the solo turns its back to me. If I try to turn the solo it really fits it and goes back to looking the wrong way. I have the solo connected to an iPhone 5s, anyone know...