1. JerryB


    Hi guys has anyone experience your 3dr solo move around a little bit when left hovering? Mine moves a little to much it doesn't stay hovering on place, I was wondering if there's a solution to It? Thanx guys!
  2. U

    Solo crash

  3. J

    Some of you landed IRIS+ in their hands?

    Hi friends, Some of you landed IRIS+ in their hands?. This is possible?. Do you have any recommendations?. Flight with iris in field and to land on floor is complicated by the plants and trees. There are places with high slopes and it is impossible. Thanks
  4. baldguy

    Mississippi River (Getting over the stress of Getting Over water)

    There was a "brief" break in the rain yesterday and we made a run to Vicksburg to do some filming. I'm trying to get over the white-knuckle nerves about being over water, so I figured the Mississippi River would be a good way to practice. The flights went well. Once in the air, and I can see the...