1. K

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver Unreliable Video Feed

  2. S

    Tower Live Video Feed Missing

    Hello! Recently I installed Tower ver. 4.0 on both of my Android devices (Android ver. 4.1.2 and 4.0.4). Till then I used 3DR Solo App on my IPhone 6, IOS 10.0.2, which is still working fine. Unfortunately I could not get a live video feed on Tower on both Android devices. I have checked the...
  3. SteveReno

    having video feed problems"

    If your video feed is Rolling, freezing, Stopping. I have a fix that worked for many Solo users. I always assumed that the problems mentioned above, where do the HDMI connection at the Gimbal side of the HDMI cable. It was the first place i would checked for a bad connection. I have had to...
  4. D

    Go Pro 3 Black Original

    I am trying to run a regular gopro 3 black with my solo through the gimbal and can't get a video feed. I have checked the forums and don't see much info on people trying to fly the original 3. 3dr says it is compatible, has anyone tried the gimbal with gopro 3 black? I've updated the solo and...