factory reset

  1. L

    iOS Solo app says it is not connected to Wi-Fi

    I got a new controller and factory reset my drone/deleted the app. Now, when trying to do the pre-flight update, I get a "connect to Wi-Fi with a fast connection" message under the software update section and it also claims my drone is not connected. However, when I click the "Fly Solo" button...
  2. S

    Can't communicate with drone

    Hi all! I'd like to ask for help/advise. I've got my Solo few weeks back. First at the start it's flipped every time - I've changed motor. In the meantime I've uploaded Open Solo and use SidePilot as app. When tried to fly couldn't get compass calibration. I've done factory reset and then...
  3. E

    factory reset failed

    factory reset failed to reset can this be fixed? if so please help me I'm losing my mine over this thank you
  4. A

    3DR/pixhawk Parameters - reset on factory reset?

    Hi all, I recently tried connecting a flytPi to the 3DR, and because of a message I received I updated the SERIAL2_PROTOCOL value to 1. (it was 0 before). Related thread: flytPi+ 3DR Solo Parameters Since then (maybe a coincidence, maybe not), the drone doesn't connect to the remote anymore. I...
  5. J

    Solo not connecting to controller

    My controller will no longer connect to solo. yes i have done the sd card thing where you take it out and put it back in, and i have also factory reset both controller and drone. yet the drone and controller proceed to have the problem happen time and time again. im wondering if anyone knows of...
  6. J

    Solo and Controller not Talking

    i just unboxed my solo 3DR yesterday for Christmas. I installed the gimbal and when I first turns it on, there was a sound like a broken radio station, some squelching and it didn’t stop until I forced it off. I switched it back on and it sounded fine, so I began to go through the setup...
  7. F

    wifi connection and Solo factory reset issues

    So I connected my Iphone to the Sololink wifi and it connected with no internet access, then went to connect the Sololink app to the Solo and it said I had to connect it first even though I had just did that. So I tried pulling out the battery to the controller for 30 seconds then tried again...
  8. D

    Help with Factory Reset

    I am Having an issue with a Factory Reset.I have watched videos on line that explain how to perform a factory reset and read every form. My drone and controller got stuck in a Waiting for solo state. So In the video the guy says the status light under solo needs to flash quickly. Mine does that...
  9. TUCAN2016

    connectivity problems between controller wifi

    Hi guys, I finished my factory reset but now the wifi between the controller and the drone it's not working, I cannot find a way to finalized the update from the controller to the drone because it keep showing the message as no internet connection when I select solo link. Can anyone tell me what...
  10. Soupdaddy

    Preflight update solution

    after having great difficulty getting past preflight update screen and performing factory reset this is procedure that got me in the air, 1- Power off the units and close the Solo app 2- Perform a factory reset to the Solo and controller, make sure the orange light underneath the Solo blinks...
  11. N

    Correct Factory Reset Procedure?

    I performed a factory reset a couple of times now and I wanted to reach out to those of you that have gone thru this process to compare experiences. First off, the official procedure in my opinion is lacking as it leaves you to guess when something is wrong. The official docs say that the lights...
  12. P

    Update and factory reset issue.

    So during my last software update my drone froze. I was told to complete a factory reset but the drone will not reset either. The LEDs stay green and do not cycle. Has anyone else run into this? I'm extremely frustrated as I am going to Hawaii in 2 days and now have a drone that can't be reset.
  13. S

    Factory reset problems and no support available

    Hey guys I'm factory resetting. The Solo resets and orange light blinks 5 times per second. All good there. I hold the Power and Fly button simultaneously on the controller to reset the controller but instead of saying "Updating System" it keeps going to "Waiting for Solo". It appears to be a...