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    Can't pair and unknown beep sounds

    Hi, My Solo crashed by child and something wrong with that. Check these pics and videos 3dr Solo repair - Google Drive I tried factory reset many times and every time it seems to reset correctly. But once controller reboots, solo and controller is not paired. (Pics) Also beep sounds here...
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    Magnetic Interference with Aftermarket Gimbal

    Hey guys, I have purchased this gimbal to attach a FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera to a solo: Sky Eye-II Vue Pro Gimbal For FLIR Vue Series Camera After installation I am having a lot of issues with the magnetic interference. When the gimbal is not attached there is no major issues with...
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    Continuous Calibration Error Upon Fresh Startup - DYI Fix

    I bought this drone from a private party and I am not looking for advice with customer service are trying to get 3dr to repair that drone. I am looking for advance advice with fixing the issue myself; be it changes to the software and its setting or replacement of parts. Ok with that out of the...