1. jimloss

    Warranty for Solo Purchased Though 6th Avenue

    Has anyone purchased their Solo through 6th Avenue and had any success in getting warranty repair? I know that there has been discussion already about 3Dr authorized sellers and affect on warranty, but 6th Avenue states in their eBay add "Our products are covered by a warranty of 1-year parts...
  2. IttaiFm

    Calibration 3DR Solo Failure

    Tengo apenas 4 meses con el Drone SOLO, lo quise volar hace unos días pero me mando error de calibración, y me pide que reinicie el drone, sin embargo no sucede nada, ya hice muchas veces la calibración de brujula y la calibración de nivel y no funciona, re inicie el drone y el control a los...
  3. Z

    New Solo needs help.

    Hello all. I bought a new Solo yesterday. Did updates and went into the solo app to calibrate sensors and it fails. I went ahead and did a little test flight and it seems to be behaving other than the female voice saying GPS lost constantly which makes me nervous. Anyway I launched tower and it...
  4. TheEyeOfHorus

    Amazing results yielded from the GPS mod!! Wifi mod anyone?

    I wound up tearing her down and wedging a piece of corrugated cardboard between the chip and that copper UFO paper. I didn't pick up many more satellites than usual but on 6 sats I flew out 1200ft.... Previous record was 650ft (distance). I didn't even run it out all the way, wound up hitting...
  5. J

    Calibration message after battery change

    so, I flew my solo for the first time (finally a good non-windy day in early fall) and after I test a couple of fly modes with my first battery, I tell the drone to return home and did as I expected. Went ahead power off the solo, put a fresh battery from my backpack to keep getting comfortable...
  6. Ian [P13]

    Controller Error / Stick Calibration YouTube Tutorials

    I've just spotted tutorials for the stick calibration on YouTube so if you ever need to do this the solution is here: PC: Mac:
  7. EyeWingsuit

    Calibration for every flight?

    Usually, I'm flying in very different areas, so I calibrate prior to each flight. Yesterday I ran into a problem I haven't seen. Takeoff locations were less than 1000 yards apart from each other. First flight, no problems Second flight, the leg(s) are visible almost entirely through the...
  8. M

    Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO

    I updated firmware yesterday to the latest, 1.3 I believe, and flew last night perfectly on two different batteries. This morning I goto fly and I get an alert that reads, "Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO". Everytime I restart, the message comes back again after about 20 seconds. It...