1. IttaiFm

    Calibration 3DR Solo Failure

    Tengo apenas 4 meses con el Drone SOLO, lo quise volar hace unos días pero me mando error de calibración, y me pide que reinicie el drone, sin embargo no sucede nada, ya hice muchas veces la calibración de brujula y la calibración de nivel y no funciona, re inicie el drone y el control a los...
  2. C

    Backpack BB bundle - had to return :(

    Welp. I was so excited to fly today. It's beautiful and sunny out here in NC. Opened my $299 bundle last night to charge the controller and battery. This morning woke up and went to set it up. Downloaded the update and everything was fine until I got to the "calibrating sensors" screen and it go...
  3. Dennis O

    Stuck in "Calibrating Sensors" stage.

    I received my 3DR Solo, and goPro Gimbal, I have all the latest firmware yet when i go to power everything on and my remote begins "Calibrating Sensors" it just stays in that stage for 30minutes + I've tried doing both manual calibrations, and my results are: Level Calibration - Consistently...