1. M

    Can't reset or pair Solo

    Picked up a broken Solo that was apparently in a bad wreck. Exterior looks fine but I can't get it to reset or pair with a controller. I popped it open, and re-seated the SD card, but it didn't make a difference. If I take the card out completely it still makes the same startup beeps as it does...
  2. franknitty69

    3DR Solo Accessory Breakout Board by ProfiCNC

    I have a batch of 3DR Solo Accessory Breakout Boards coming in from OSH Park. Includes Click Mate connectors for CANBus and Serial, Zener Diode, JAE connector for accessory port and micro usb for iMX OTG USB. Optionally i can include single row (15-pin) headers for the two rows of broken out...