1. M

    OpenSolo and python and such

    Hey does anyone have a video or code examples of using Python with my newly acquired and upgrade 3DR SOLO with OpenSolo and ArduCopter. I basically for a first test just want to take it off the ground and say fly a square. thanks!
  2. L

    Greencube and Mission Planner

    Hello, I use my 3DR solo with a recently and successfully upgraded greencube and I use Mission Planner as my primary GCS software. When I connect to the solo, it says that there is an update for ArduCopter 3.5.5 and I then 'updated' my Open Solo version to 3.0.0, yet the message still shows. I...
  3. Pedals2Paddles

    ArduPilot swag shop now open! Support the Open Source heart of the Solo!

    The new ArduPilot Swag Shop is open for business! All profits from the shop go to ArduPilot. Support the open source project that made the Solo possible, and continues to make it the best! Stickers, key chains, hats, shirts, etc. More items coming! ArduPilot Swag store Examples
  4. Pedals2Paddles

    New Year, New Solo! Open Solo 3.0.0 released

    NEW YEAR, NEW SOLO! Open Solo 3.0.0, the first non-beta stable production release has dropped at 00:00z on January 1, 2018!! Since 3DR open sourced the Solo and controller, many new possibilities have opened up. Combined with the continued development of ArduPilot, the Solex App, and SidePilot...
  5. Pedals2Paddles

    Open Solo announcement from ArduPilot

    This is a the official blog and announcement from ArduPilot on the open sourcing of Solo and how it's working. Please have a read and join the fun! This is monumental occasion for the Solo community and ArduPilot. Everyone has been asking for this day to happen for over a year since 3DR gave...
  6. Pedals2Paddles

    ArduCopter 3.5 & Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube Upgrade: Solo Remastered

    You can take down your RIP signs and gravestones. The solo is no longer stale and dead. The Solo is up and running on ArduCopter 3.5.0+ with a Pixhawk 2.1 Green Cube. The community effort to keep the Solo alive has succeeded. Photos by Andrew Emmett, Matt Lawrence, & Stephan Schindewolf...
  7. R

    Terrain Hugging with Arducopter-2.4 and pixhawk 2.1?

    I would like to upgrade my Solo so it can perform a grid survey from a specific distance of 2-3 meters from the ground. I have successfully installed a laser altimeter on the Solo, however it can not be used to control the flight path with the current firmware. I know that Arducopter-2.4 has...
  8. M


    Hello Using ssh root to the Solo drone, I have been accessing files inside. Under Firmware, then inside the folder Loaded, there is a file called ArduCopter-1.3.1.px4. I am wondering where is the script located that runs this ArduCopter? Thanks
  9. A

    Need Help with Mission Planner Parameters on Quad

    OK, so this is a little off topic but I know there are plenty of smart & experienced folks (like @Pedals2Paddles )who haunt this forum who may be able to help. I volunteer about 2 hours a week at the local high school to help three student teams prepare for the AMA UAS4STEM competition. This...
  10. B

    Running Solo on Master

    Hey All, I have been reading about getting solo running on Arducopter master and seem to be getting conflicting information. On the one hand there is Philip Rowse and the green ph2.1 that is supposed to be released (soon) that should be able to run Arducopter master. However there are videos...