1. Y

    Solo Apps- Android 7.0

    Having trouble with GCS apps (Solex/Tower/Solo) on my Samsung Galaxy S7E. Everything worked fine when the phone was on Android 6.0, now when it is upgraded to Android 7.0 the phone sees Solo controllers, but not the vehicles themselves. For example, the 3DR app shows the icon for the...
  2. John Githens

    Interesting User Interface (UI) situations

    Starting this thread because occasionally one of us discovers a higher probability of making an unfortunate tap/click/selection when using a specific configuration of equipment and software. For example, I have discovered that the terrific Solex app, when used on a Nexus 7 (2013), offers the...
  3. clackey

    New 3DRPilots iPhone and Android Apps

    Hey all! Just wanted to let you know we recently launched new 3DRPilots apps for both iOS and Android. This is developed by Tapatalk so it'll be similar the the taptatalk app if you are currently utilizing that for our forum. iOS - 3DRPilots on the App Store Android - 3DRPilots - Solo Drone...
  4. X

    Android custom rom for best compatibiliy with solo apps

    Hello! I usually root my phones and like to use custom roms, however, with the used Nexus7-2013 that I bought to use with my new solo (both of them not received yet), I was checking xda and the variety of custom roms is good and with diferent versions of android and their sources... So, I...
  5. W

    Tower and ZTE Zmax

    The Tower app will not display a map on my ZTE Zmax Android 4.4.4 phone. Droid Planner 2 will not display a map either. The Google Maps App works fine, and I can see my location is being shared with the Tower App. I don't want to buy a tablet if I don't have to, any suggestions?
  6. V

    New Android Gaming App specially for 3DR Iris+

    Hi All, I really like my Iris+ so I created an android app just for this drone to make it more fun and interactive Link for the APP: DroneAcharya - Android Apps on Google Play Link to the intro video: This is a first ever app which uses a real drone and present users with stages what they...
  7. Ed Beck

    Some Android Questions

    Hi guys, I'm having a little trouble with my Galaxy Tab E Android Version 6.0.1 and would appreciate some help. 1. When I plug it into my computer via USB I can see the device listed as Samsung-SM-T567V. When I click on the device in Windows Explorer I don't see any files listed in the right...
  8. franknitty69

    DronePan for Solo First Field Test

    DronePan for Solo development is coming along well. I wanted to show the first field test from today and hopefully within the next week a beta version will be ready. The code in progress can be found here: GitHub - dbaldwin/DronePan-Solo: DronePan 360 Panorama Android App for 3DR Solo Here...
  9. M

    Orbit Smart Shot - Does it really function like this on IOS ?

    Can anyone verify if this is exactly how nice and easy Orbit works to set up on IOS. Even on my Android device with the maps cached it is very slow to perform and get any sort of resolution on a google earth shot. Because it's driving me crazy watching how easy the IOS app is in this video and...
  10. z-axis

    Video Needed: Your Android tablet displaying "good" video

    I'm new to these forums but have been involved in multirotors and LR video/FPV for several years, and was using EzUHF for control and 1.3 for video, which of course is almost as good as it can get. I had friends get interested who got Phantoms, etc...and I scoffed at the WiFi aspect of those...