1. M

    Using Solex with 3DR Solo to fly a path

    I picked up a 3DR Solo really cheap and it came with 4 batteries and a backpack. I quickly uploaded new firmware so it is now running OpenSolo and such. I'd like to be able to fly a path (say my property for a survey) and video it. I can't seem to find instructions or videos for doing this...
  2. FinniKris

    Webster Falls : Dundas / Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

  3. D

    Quick Questions

    Hello I just got my drone and I have done a full flight. 1) Can I get it above 150ft and how? 2) My app wont let me take photos or videos. (Using a Hero 3 white) 3) What is the latest version of the firmware? I want to make sure my drone is up to date
  4. FinniKris

    Skateboarding from Above

    I’m posting only 7 days after the first 3DR Solo video with… yes…you guessed it, another one! Thank you for your support and for viewing the last one :) I’ve taken from comments and suggestions and I believe this one is even better. Faster cuts, more action, syncing with the music, and a...
  5. Granite

    3dr solo lights?

    In some youtube videos ive seen people flying there 3dr solos with the stock lights different colors. For example some have all purple or yellow. Some have all 4 different colors. How do they do that? I know when i first updated my solo all the lights went through a rainbow effect so i know they...
  6. Granite

    Altitude limit

    There use to be a no limit altitude setting on the 3dr solo. What happened to it? Im only able to go to around 395-400ft. I have permission to fly higher but idk how to make it. Please help.
  7. Granite

    New here. Based outta Kentucky. Check out my videos ive made so far!

    I just created a profile here. Please go checkout my youtube and tell me what you thinkabout my videos with my 3dr solo. Like andsubscribe please and thanks! https://m.youtube.com/user/gr093
  8. A

    Solo Cinematic Test - NYC (for fun)

    Decided to take some practice footage into AE. This is a quick and dirty edit of some flying time over at Calvert Faux Park in Brooklyn, NYC. The Solo platform has been a good fit for me. Looking forward to pushing creative limits with this drone.
  9. R

    Contacting Helipads from Hospitals?

    Hi there! I just downloaded the B4U fly app, and it says I've got 11 "airports" in a 5 mile radius. However they all seem to be heliports for medical centers and a few television stations. I plan on flying in a local park and was wondering if it was necessary to call all the heliports and let...
  10. M

    Solo Sliders Prototype

    Hi i would like to share this video to help and support Relish 3D Slider Prototype for 3DR Solo. I personally think that this would make the leg disappear on 4k Shots.
  11. T

    Adjusting Height in Follow-Me Mode

    Hey everybody - I played around with the follow-me mode significantly for the first time this past week in Austin, and it was definitely a learning experience. I figure before I go rambling on my experience - here is my burning question of the night: In follow-me mode, does the Solo stop...
  12. Projeffrey11

    GOPRO HERO-4 BLACK view feed since 1.2.0

    Ever since updating the Solo's firmware to 1.2.0 my Gopro Hero-4 Black has really poor live feed with ton's of latency, to getting stuck on single frame on the app, to no Gopro live view showing up after a cold start. I'm using a Nexus 6 which has always worked just fine prior to the latest...
  13. M

    New comer of 3DR SOLO

    I just bought few weeks ago. I did test fly and quite satisfied with 3DR SOLO until now.