3dr solo drone gimbal

  1. W

    3DR SOLO w/ Gimbal & GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

    $475 + shipping Lightly used. Not more than 10 hours of flight time! Comes with: • 3DR solo w/ original box & manual • propellars • 3 batteries • Gimbal w/ orginial box • 3DR softshell backpack • Gopro Hero 3+ • Back screen • 3 wasabi batteries • Dual wasabi charger • ND filters • Gopro...
  2. Flashy

    Solo Gimbal FPV Mode?

    Hi, I'm new with Solo (here in Europe the solo is very hard to get) I have much exp with pixhawk-based drones.. One question I have is, if its possible to set the gimbal into a FPV mode or similar ? many thanks!
  3. Projeffrey11

    GOPRO HERO-4 BLACK view feed since 1.2.0

    Ever since updating the Solo's firmware to 1.2.0 my Gopro Hero-4 Black has really poor live feed with ton's of latency, to getting stuck on single frame on the app, to no Gopro live view showing up after a cold start. I'm using a Nexus 6 which has always worked just fine prior to the latest...
  4. C

    3dr solo video on hike

    Tested out the gimbal for the first time on a hike a couple weeks ago. Overall I was very pleased with the gimbals performance and am excited to start finally using my drone more. anyways heres the shots I took. watch in 1080!