3dr gimbal

  1. Curt

    For Sale: 3DR Solo, Controller, Gimbal, Backpack - $350+shipping

    I am selling my 3DR Solo and related kit. Would prefer to sell everything as a single bundle rather than parting out components. Asking $350 + shipping. Can only ship inside the US. Kit includes: 1 3DR Solo with Gimbal installed 1 3DR Solo Backpack 2 Batteries 1 Battery Charger 1 Controller 1...
  2. E

    Gimbal not found?

    My gimbal stopped workong on day. It is limp although blinking. I go into firmware and it shows nothing for the gimbal. My controller says gimbal not found. When i turn on the drone the gimbal wont stabilize, nor turn on the gopro. I do receive video feed though. I uninstalled the ap, reset the...
  3. bajba

    Gimbal connection problem - factory error

    Hi all, I am a new user of 3DR Solo drone and I would like to share my recent investigation. My problem was that controller could not recognize gimbal and tilt didn't work at all. I have checked gimbal with other Solo drone and evrything was OK. I knew that something wrong is between the gimbal...