3dr gear

  1. Grant Norton

    3DR Orig Solo Backpack.

    Selling my 3DR Solo backpack and 1 extra flight battery and charger. Will ship it where needed or if you are local to me NC will meet. I work for the airlines so I get a discount at fed ex and discount 2 day shipping. Great pack to protect your drone when running about. Sorry but I went to...
  2. Curt

    For Sale: 3DR Solo, Controller, Gimbal, Backpack - $350+shipping

    I am selling my 3DR Solo and related kit. Would prefer to sell everything as a single bundle rather than parting out components. Asking $350 + shipping. Can only ship inside the US. Kit includes: 1 3DR Solo with Gimbal installed 1 3DR Solo Backpack 2 Batteries 1 Battery Charger 1 Controller 1...
  3. T

    3DR Solo Quadcopter w/ 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 w/ Manufacturer

    3DR Solo Quadcopter w/ 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 w/ Manufacturer and all the extras! CasePro 3D Robotics Solo Drone Wheeled Hard Case 3DR Solo Smart Battery...
  4. R

    solo battery depletes really fast

    I have been reading a series of posts stating that their solo batteries run out of juice really fast. The same happened to me, but a little bit different let me explain: My solo batteries take the usual to get fully charged but one I start flying they last about 2 minutes to reach 25%. I...
  5. S

    3dr solo case

    Has anyone tried this case: http://amzn.to/1VWLGaf I am considering getting it but I don't really know much about it yet. Would anyone care to explain. Thanks!
  6. Grant Norton

    Solo Gear for Sale

    hello fellow pilots Posting to let any and every pilot know on here that I am putting my 3DR Solo backpack and 1 extra battery with some extra props and charger up for sale. All things are basically brand new. I have upgraded to a pelican can that can carry both the Solo and all my gear in...