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  1. clackey

    3D Robotics cuts jobs, refocuses on corporate market

    3D Robotics Inc., one of the better-funded, high-profile drone startups, is laying off an undisclosed number of its staff in a restructuring aimed at moving more quickly into the commercial market, due to heavy competition in the consumer drone market. “DJI is doing great, it’s because they are...
  2. S

    FDM and drones

    Helow. Let`s talk about correlation of additive manufacturing (3D printing by FDM technology) and using it for making drones and robots. 1. Are there some examples, which really helps people and do their lives easier? Like Agras MG-1 and drones, that are using water to destroy fire? In other...
  3. Chip Luck

    Why I'm STAYING with 3DR - a little personal info, my first and last

    Gang, Just had to chime once and final on the whining issue. This is only a comment, this is a free nation and everyone has a right to voice, and this is just my opinion and the last on this board. As a first time owner and newbie of a UAV, GoPro, et. all and never have shot video from the...
  4. Projeffrey11

    GoPro Hero-4 Black overheating with Gimbal

    Hi everybody I received my 3DR Solo gimbal last Saturday and just recently yesterday I started experiencing really bad video feed latency and all together my GoPro randomly freezing up where I have to ground my bird to reset manually by hand, has anybody experienced any such thing? I've been...
  5. Projeffrey11


  6. Morenos Studios

    3DR SOLO Drone w/LED Spot Light

    This is my 3DR Solo Drone with a LED spotlight mount I made! It flies great check it out! Here's the flight footage!
  7. R

    Dear 3DR I love pixhawk FC and used it for years,, But Solo *********

    As I have said before,, I'm not an expert,, In this hobby I don't believe in the word EXPERT. I believe words like EXPERIENCED,,, honesty and truthfulness come to mind ,, Over my 40 + years of building, designing, repairing, flying, floating, rolling, and having done most everything that can be...
  8. clackey

    3DR CEO Chris Anderson Interdrone Keynote

    I didn't take the video but it is worth sharing. Good keynote on his view of the future.
  9. Morenos Studios

    3D Robotics Claim Best Buy Will Receive Gimbals This Weekend!

    I called 3D Robotics today informing about when will Best Buy receive the 3DR Sight Gimbals and was informed that they should have them by the end of the week. I also enquired about when would preorders and new orders placed on the 3D Robotics site be shipped; they informed me gimbals are...