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    OpenSolo and python and such

    This looks like a great start. I'll give it whirl. Thanks!
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    NEW to Drones - own a Solo and parts to upgrade - BUT dont have a clue how.

    For those with a 3DR Solo and stock firmware. Don't let is set as a paper weight. If your scared then just post and someone like me might get another heck of a deal. I bought mine on a whim for $300 with a backpack, 4 batteries and some other goodies because some did not want and was afraid...
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    OpenSolo and python and such

    Hey does anyone have a video or code examples of using Python with my newly acquired and upgrade 3DR SOLO with OpenSolo and ArduCopter. I basically for a first test just want to take it off the ground and say fly a square. thanks!
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    Hero 4 Black settings

    First of all. Sorry not trying to hijack, but I just saw this and also same issue for me. I did even know about the non distortion lens. You have a recommendation.
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    Solo Bricked?

    Don't lose hope and follow what @Davideo said as I actually bought a 3dr Solo really cheap off Ebay and did the whole process today on an older android. I did try just to jump straight to Open Solo , but got a preinstall error and so had to factory reset the Solo. After I did this, I used...