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    3DR Company

    I was actually just reading an article about how the US government is trying to help boost up any company to find a viable alternative to DJI. The article even mentioned 3DR as a former strong option before they gave in and now are in bed with DJI. Sounds to me like the government would love to...
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    Motor seems to be jumpy at power on

    I have the same issue. Every time I start my bird this same pod does this initially but after a second it will start and fly normally. I've had this issue about 5 or 6 times where it will not fully start at all. After a couple of days I'll go out and try it again and it will start like it always...
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    No feed to phone

    My issue is fixed. As I found somewhere else on this site it was all about power on sequencing for me. I have zero problems as long as I power things on like this: Gopro Solo Controller App Any time I power them on in a different sequence I never get the live feed.
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    Font Size Issue

    I hadn't noticed...o_O Just kidding. You all keep these sites running smooth! I appreciate what you do.
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    I have to say I've invested at least twice as much time on here as I have with my Solo in the air. It is time well spent! Welcome
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    Welcome. Wow! 12 Solos. That's awesome. So many people are dwindling their stock down it's good to see someone still keeps 'em flying.
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    No feed to phone

    I'm having the same problem but I'm not using the gimbal. When I power everything on I don't have any view on my tablet. I usually have to power off the Gopro and then I can see. The last few times though, nothing has helped get the picture onto my screen. The Gopro still records like normal.
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    Portlands Massive Snowstorm 2019.....

    Great video. There is something so nice about snow videos. How did the cold affect your flight time?
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    Two Seasons - One Flight Path

    Looks great. Especially love the last 30 seconds or so with the Fall foliage. What were your camera / settings. Where was this shot? I'm in the Northern Va area, too. Always good to see other locals.
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    First flight/edit using free Alex4D Wide Angle Fix!

    Nice shots. Very well done!
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    Thanks for sharing! My stuff came in over the weekend. :)
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    Do not buy from

    I've been wondering... They've been listing gimbals like crazy but I couldn't find one feedback from anyone that bought one. As soon as an auction ended they'd have another one back up. My gut told me not to bid on anything from them. Sorry to hear about your issues with them.
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    Drone hovers right above jet landing at Las Vegas airport

    I still don't know about this one. It may be legit and if it is they should make an example out of this guy for endangering so many lives. But in other versions I've seen ( there is definitely some editing done. There is a blurred spot that the plane actually crosses...
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    Leaving the group

    What I really enjoy about this forum is that it allows those of us that have a desire to be one of those creative people and be better at the technical side too to learn from people who have gone before us in both aspects. Even when I come across a post that seems harsh it was while I was...
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    Please help traveling with solo

    I'm glad someone brought this up. I'm in the process of trying to book my cruise with Carnival and I had the same questions. From your email it sounds like the Solo would be fine as long as you don't use it on the ship.