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    Solo Marketing History for sale...

    (this isn't mine, I just found it curious)
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    Anyone wondered why controler shows HDOP ?

    Accuracy and precision are two different things. DOP is 100% theoretical, it is in no way a measure of actual accuracy. It can serve as a good indicator of the maximum accuracy that can be expected. DOP hasn't been an issue for 16 years.
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    VRS ?

    I wonder how many of the "flipped over as it came down as if demon possessed" stories are VRS? It seems hard to diagnose. This should probably be part of the botched landings sticky...
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    Refurbished Solo direct from 3DR: $189.99

    Principle of the thing? What a load of BS. Whenever someone says it is, "The principle of the thing," there are three options: a lying sack of feces, a self-righteous ( ), or someone who is flat out bored. Me, I think punishing 3dr for these flash sales sounds like a urine poor principle. Most...
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    Solo customer Service

    FYI, per the FB page chat is dead, gone, finished.
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    Refurbished Solo direct from 3DR: $189.99

    Ok...they should put on there what GPS it is...but you already knew it would be the first gen. Everyone has gotten the same thing. Every single person. And they talk about it on this forum. So, the likelihood you didn't know is about zero. Do you think that your foreknowledge of what 3dr was...
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    Should Solo be able to descend more rapidly?

    My understanding is that "settling under power" is a thrust issue (overburdened aircraft). VRS can occur no matter how much thrust (it is made worse by increasing thrust). Some say that settling can be caused by VRS, but also by other things. If you look around there are many long threads...
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    Should Solo be able to descend more rapidly?

    BTW, I didn't have any part in making the video (so no credit to me). It is a series that guy made up about quads, I think. I am glad that the reputation (and frame) of Solo was kept intact. Very happy you avoided a crash!
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    Should Solo be able to descend more rapidly?

    There are a number of videos, this one works, though. It shows how a Vortex Ring State looks when flying a quad and how to get out of it.
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    Refurbished Solo direct from 3DR: $189.99

    Proof that no good deed (like giving people free stuff) will go unpunished. And, proof that giving something away free may only serve to lower its perceived value, instead of simply making someone happy.
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    City Flying?

    If this is in the US... Remember, hobby flights are per the AMA community standards. Some will call this BS (and it is in some ways), but they are willing to be test cases. With commercial flights, hopefully you know the regs already, since you need a license. That said, the hardest thing...
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    This Is Why We Don't Use 4K Superview...

    Have you tried the "linear" option on the GoPro? (V5, but I can turn the camera on...)
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    Here GPS

    I think it is supposed to plug into the Here and then into the Solo. I figured the end at the Here wouldn't be hardwired? Is it hardwired?
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    Here GPS

    And perhaps a measurement of the overall length of the cable. There is a guy custom making these at a reasonable price, but I think it is a 12" cable, and I am curious if that is a good length...
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    GPS Location?

    The CG is not trivial. My guess is that with the gimbal and hero installed, that the CG is pretty close to the center of the aircraft. I have never tested that. I dont know enough about quadcopters to know if centered CG is ideal. I would think for hovering, it would be, but under any...