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    Invest in the Solo?
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    Solex mission

    Why am I not able to set up a mission like before? In the old days, I would choose 'missions' and then push 'new mission'. Then I would type in an address and the map would show up on the tablet. Then I could set my waypoints and stuff. Now what happens is, I push 'new mission' and nothing...
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    I know, right! Who woulda thought of such a thing? I'm glad that TexAcoon posted his solution. I'm happy that it solved your problem. Rock on.
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    I like a challenge as well. I have some small carbon fiber square rods from another drone which I was attempting to fabricate a cage from. You know, no matter how I configure the rods, this 'cage' is going to be large. By that I mean, encompass a substantial area of space. Aesthetics are not...
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    You want a gimbal that has an attached HDMI port, right? Or do you want a gimbal with a not attached HDMI port? Either/or, I have both. And you'll make a goPro 'cage' to help protect the gimbal and camera in exchange for this, right? Sounds like a plan to me. I apologize for sounding like an...
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    Solex app not working

    are you in the 'fly' screen? The screen that appears after it says something like connected to solo, or something like that. You push the button (icon) that looks like a plane....the one on the left of the screen. Does that make sense?
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    Drowned Bird

    Naw. You're screwed, man. The battery is what screws you. Actually, screws the solo, but same thing. The electricity flows and the water causes it to short out. It sux, for sure. There's a battery in the GPS assembly as well. Not to mention the battery in the GoPro, too. Sorry for the reality...
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    Hey, Ghost. Ok, buds you got a deal. How do we accomplish this trade? I suppose you just give me your address and I ship the gimbal ? Tell you what, though; I'd like to see a picture of the cage and I'd like to know that it is something you would use as well. In fact, I'll bet there are others...
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    Part Identification Help

    The first one is a thingamajig. The 2nd is a whatchamacallit. 3rd is a dohicky and a thingamabob. you'll have to unwrap the fourth to make it easier to see, but I'm thinkin it's most likely a senkit version 0003, which is way better than the 0002 and absolutley flat out blows the doors off the...
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    I do not have a 3D printer. I'm not in the same financial position as you rich folks. But anyway, speak to me more about this gimbal you're talking about. I also have great news for you, but we'll get to that in a second. First, are you telling me that there is a gimbal out there that will...
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    No gps connection and alarm goes off..

    Rock on. I was way off base, lol. I hear that Meth is a good way to keep the weight off. Probably because it rots the teeth so ya can't eat, idk. Just a thought, tubby.
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    Solex - Previous Versions

    How would this subscription system work? Would it be a monthly charge? Is anyone grandfathered in? I don't mind giving to the cause, it's just that this is the only luxury I afford myself, being low income and all and living in California.I bought one add-on at the time there was only one in...
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    I love you, man. You're ok in my book. Your detailed fix is just awesome and exactly what others will find useful and easy to follow, imo. Can you imagine being one of the first to score a solo? Paying big bucks for it and then having all of these issues and if it weren't for Kelly and Matt and...
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    Another "Magnetic interference" Thread

    Wicked response. I like you. You're my kind of man. No shit talk, I like that. So, to fix your issue, you just calibrated the thing 2 times...1st no compass. 2nd with compass. Then success? That's kind of mondo bizarre. But then again with solo, not much surprises me anymore. For one fix ( I...
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    Looking for remote controler charger

    R Right on. Have fun.