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    Does This Thing Still Work? ;)

    You rock, brother. You didn't have to go to the trouble, but you did and I thank you! You're awesome.
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    Does This Thing Still Work? ;)

    Ok, I googled, "Free song on YouTube" and the results were not promising. Do you by chance happen to remember any other clues about the jam? My buds says, Eric Johnson, but I don't think so. Could be Buckethead.
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    Sold Out

    I'll give you $20 a piece for 2. Or $15 a piece for 3. Deal? I want 3.
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    Sync my solo
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    Sync my solo
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    Does This Thing Still Work? ;)

    Damn, Dude. Pretty sweet. What was the soundtrack? You have skills, bro. Excellent job.
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    Slow....then Fast

    Wow. That's sick. I wonder how many crashes were involved to become that good? Very cool. I think the music is tits, too. Good choice. Thanks for sharing.
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    **UPDATE** Solo Battery Mod for Dummies

    haha. It's just that it reminds me of a sign I saw at the river in Arizona one time when we were at the boat mechanics. It said, " I don't care how they do it in L.A. You're not in L.A." Too funny. I usually say, " It's my story, I'll tell it how I want!". It made me smile, is what I guess I 'm...
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    **UPDATE** Solo Battery Mod for Dummies

    I love that part where you say, "This is MY presentation.....". LOL Sounds just like Matt in his video about installing the cube. Too funny. Y'all rock!
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    FS: Solo, gimbal and Hero4 black plus extras $325 PRICE DROP

    Hang in there buddy. It will sell. If you want to part it out then I'd like first shot at the gimbal.
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    Solo app no picture

    Hey. I was just thinking ( and it hurts!) that the HDMI cable that comes with the solo and connects to the solo and gimbal , rarely goes bad, imo. I mean, that sumbtch is sturdy....that's why it breaks the HDMI ports that are soldered to the edge of each board whether it be the gimbal or IMX...
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    Solo app no picture

    I probably didn't describe the positioning of the spongy/rubber material very well. O'kay, say you've raised the motherboard a little from the solo to check the HDMI cable. What ya need to do next is place the material in such a way as to put pressure on the HDMI connector. So, the material...
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    Solo app no picture

    I'd probably bet a dollar that it's the HDMI female on the gimbal itself. That fkr is notorious for being delicate. Are you using the original cable that came with solo? That fkr is way too stiff and breaks sht all the time, imo. Also, one of our members made a discovery that has helped a few...
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    Batteries to spare...

    3 to 93013 please. Total would be? Paypal ok?
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    Carl Bradshaw

    Hey Carl. Thanks for getting back to me. The original Solo cube is 2.0 The updated, new cube is 2.1 The Green Cube is also a 2.1, however it comes with the internal jumper already taken care of. There's a member who owns a store and is very active and talented in this industry. He...