Sold......Solo backpack/nvidia shield/gopro 4 black/and some more $700 or OBO

Feb 4, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
Selling my baby. This Solo has been in the air only 1/2 dozen times, and I love it. Being that I have only had the chance to fly it a handful of times, I think I need to let it go to someone who will have more time to fly it, otherwise she is just going to keep collecting dust
. So here it is: The Solo with gimbal in the backpack with all the original paperwork and stickers. I have (2) 3dr original batteries that are still in excellent condition. The charger has a XT60 plug installed in the cable so I can charge with my normal lipo charger or the stock wall charger.I have upgraded the GPS to the Mro gps and also still have the stock gps in the backpack. I have bought the master airscrew props for it but I have yet to fly with them on. The stock props worked well enough for the flying I did. I have also bought the upgraded alpha antennas, but have not tried those either. I am selling the GoPro hero 4 Black camera with it as it works beautiful with the solo. And last but not least I will also included the Nvidia shield tablet. I bought this tablet specifically for use with the Solo and solex app, and if the solo goes I do not have a need for it. I know everyone says this, but aside of a little dust on it from sitting this package is in perfect condition. The solo has never touched the ground except with its feet. I keep it stored in the backpack and every couple months I run the batteries thru a cycle to keep them healthy. So if your interested shoot me a PM. I am not dead set on the price but pretty close. I may sell the setup without the Nvidia tablet if someone wants the setup but already has the tablet. I am willing to pay shipping if it is going to ConUS. Well thanks for reading and hope you have a great day. I do have more pics upon request. I have listed this on eBay also: 3DR Solo RTF Quadcopter Smart Drone/ Nvidia Shield Tablet/gimbal/GoPro 4 Black | eBay


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