Selling my SOLO + full accessories

Jun 14, 2017
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The package includes

- Solo drone
- Remote control
- 1 WORKING and 1 broken gimbals
- 4 Smart batteries
- 2 Smart battery chargers
- 2 Remote controller batteries (1 stock and 1 extended)
- 1 remote battery charger
- 2 sets of MASTER AIRSCREW propellers both with built-in nut (1 set of white and 1 set of black)
- Alfa Antennas + the stock antennas
- Rev A GPS board + upgraded to the mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N (the BLACK one)
- 3DR SOLO Backpack
- Gimbal balancing weights (for hero4silver and hero4black)

-GoPro Hero 4 silver
-two way battery charger
-4 GoPro batteries
-Accessories and cables (Polarpro selfie stick and charger, waterproof housing, chest and head straps, a lot more)
-64GB Lexar Memory card
-case bag for camera and accessories

Not sure if I have everything listed. I typed everything by memory, not sure what else is in my Solo backpack)

Anyways, this might narrow down my potential buyers by a lot but I actually prefer if it was bought from me in person. Just so I could show that the product works. Im located around Ottawa, Canada. (hopefully some people here are from there) But if people outside Canada wants it then I can also do that, just pay for shipping and be happy with what you get cuz there wont be any returns.

about the gimbal, my first gimbal broke because who knows what? One day it just stopped giving me live feed. I can control the gimbal's angles and control the camera but NO live feed. I contacted 3DR since I was still under warranty till June this year and I was able to get a replacement. I tested the replacement Gimbal and it worked great. I put it back in the box after testing it and hid it somewhere safe. Gimbals these days are just like one of the infinity stones. I still use my broken gimbal now and just hopes for a good shot.

I filmed half of this video blind. It broke during my vacation in the Philippines!
Anyways if you're interested, PM ME YOUR OFFERS!


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